The Research Imaging Institute is strongly committed to graduate and post-graduate education. RII scientists hold faculty appointments in numerous departments offering graduate degrees, both at the UT Health Science Center and UTSA. In the graduate programs listed below, RII scientists are full members of the graduate program faculty. They are able to serve as mentors (Dissertation Committee Chairs) and to advocate for students seeking admission.

Access to RII research resources is also possible for students enrolled in graduate programs other than those listed below. This typically requires having a RII faculty member as co-Chair of your Dissertation Committee. Students from UT Austin (Psychology), UTSA (Neuroscience), Johns Hopkins University (Biomedical Engineering), and the University of Melbourne (Neuroscience) have exercised this option in the past.

RII faculty members specialize in structural and functional brain imaging, as well as cognitive and computational neurobiology. For more details regarding the interests of individual faculty members, please see their individual profiles.

1. UTHSCSA Radiological Science Program

2. UTHSCSA Physiology Program

3. UTHSCSA Cellular and Structural Biology Program

4. UTHSCSA Biochemistry Program

5. UTSA Biology Program

6. UTSA/UTHSCSA Biomedical Engineering Program